Welcome to the
OTF Event Ordering System (EOS)

EOS was created to enhance the event ordering process and enable each studio to review and potentially increase their auto-ship quantity. A unique profile was created for each studio that includes allocated quantities determined by the OTF corporate team.

The EOS tool allows for each studio to ensure they have enough event merchandise bundles to meet their member’s needs and ensure a successful Dri Tri. Additionally, you now have the option to order more than your designated minimum quantities to guarantee merchandise availability and take advantage of the bulk buy low cost. Final quantities submitted will be auto shipped and invoiced during the month of September 2019.

**Important to note: For the September 2019 Dri Tri, you will have the option to allow members to participate as relay teams of three. This is at your discretion, but please consider this when reviewing your quantities, as this will impact the number of bundles required—More members will be inclined to participate if they only have to complete one third of the event. The quantities populated in the tool are based on single participation. Please place your order accordingly.

The EOS will be accessible from 3pm EST on 4/4 and will close at 12pm EST on 4/10.

To begin, please enter the email address noted in your EOS Welcome Email to login.